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Other projects and Experiments.
I'm a creative, problem solver that makes use of the best tools available.
I love to create polished, intuitive, and finely crafted experiences.
For over a decade, I've been creating in the digital realm. Started with flash and actionscipt, now more with js and html.

I spent 7 years at Yahoo! Europe, where I developed my knowledge and experience from designer to creative manager in the marketing department, where I was leading a designer and production teams in order to deliver digital advertising campaign accross Europe and Middle East.

It was time to take a new challenge, so I joined the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island in Stockholm, exploring new innovative way of thinking, and doing things.

This led me to New York, at Stinkdigital, where I was able learn, and share my knowledge, on creative concepts, UX, prototype, design, motion and front-end development.

I'm also a passionate in photography, illustrations, and retro gaming.

Now in Paris, Stockholm, New York, Barcelona, London.